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  • Soprattutto…Cappelli srl
  • Soprattutto…Cappelli srl
  • Soprattutto…Cappelli srl
  • Soprattutto…Cappelli srl
  • Soprattutto…Cappelli srl

Soprattutto…Cappelli srl

A 20-year friendship and shared experiences in the hat world, are what brought Alessandra Bini, Francesco Nunziati and Alessio Pecchioli together in a challenging new venture: “Soprattutto…Cappelli” (“Hats…Above All”), which was founded in 1998.

One should not be fooled by the company’s youth, however. Design and management are in the skilled hands of people who know first-hand the true meaning of craftsmanship. Italian artisanal tradition has taught this for centuries: an excellent product’s exclusivity derives from the happy union of creative ideas and skill of execution, supported by the quality of the raw materials used. This concept has been incorporated by the company since its inception.

Specialized in the creation of ladies’ hats, entirely hand-sewn, ranging in style from elegant and refined to casual, for clients who prefer more practical headgear, the company has an extraordinary production capability: approximately 80,000 hats per year made under its own label for major fashion houses.

Unique creations in which artisanal skills fuse with technological research and innovation, “Soprattutto…Cappelli” has always invested in research of new materials of the highest quality, such as sinamay, the famous abaca fibre, the panamas and parasisol used for summer hats such as cloches and toques; wool, felt and velour for winter-wear, such as caps, berets and trilbys.

Hats which, it must be said, “Astonish…Above All”.



Soprattutto…Cappelli srl
via Giotto 33
59013 Poggio a Caiano – Firenze
T +39 055 8798592


Nome azienda

Soprattutto…Cappelli srl

Data fondazione


Referente commerciale

Alessandra C. Bini, Alessio Pecchioli


Francesco Nunziati

Produzione di cappelli per

Per il marchio Soprattutto ma anche per private brands

Si rivolge al mercato della distribuzione con una fascia di prezzo

medio / alta

Punti vendita

Poggio a Caiano (Po)