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  • Fratelli Reali & C. spa
  • Fratelli Reali & C. spa
  • Fratelli Reali & C. spa
  • Fratelli Reali & C. spa

Fratelli Reali & C. spa

The Reali business was founded at the beginning of 1900 by the brothers Guido e Giulio Reali.
In the beginning the Reali Brothers dealt with the trade of ladies’ hats that were sold to milliners all over Italy. In 1923 Mr. Raul Reali entered the business and the Reali Brothers was changed into a Joint-Stock Company. The activity of the business was shortly changed. Mr. Raul Reali was attracted more by the import of raw materials coming from far away countries such as the far East than by the trade of finished product.
In those days there were only very few importers, all of them of Swiss origin, who were quickly beaten by Mr. Raul creativity, dynamism and brilliant initiative. He started importing straw braids from China, straw hats from the Philippines and Indonesia, panama hats from Ecuador.
At that time some Swiss companies were producing artificial straw fabrics for hats. Mr. Raul Reali decided to produce similar fabrics not only for the hats market but also for the bags market.
It was a great success that brought the production of straw fabrics to some thousand metres per day. At the same time Mr. Raul Reali was joined by his brother Alfredo who dealt with the selling of raw materials for hats to the wholesalers all over Italy. Then in the 60s and 70s the hat production entered a deep crisis that was overcome thanks to the handbag sector that was expanding. During this period Mr. Raul Reali’s sons, Marco and Massimo, who personified the 3rd generation of the Reali family, entered the business.
Nowadays the Reali Brothers & Co. S.p.A. can be proud of being a leader European business in the trade and production of raw materials for hats, handbags, shoes and some sectors of furnishing. At present the business is led by Massimo Reali and by his son Niccolò who, with great enthusiasm and dedication, rightly represents the 4th generation of the Realis.



Fratelli Reali & C. spa
Pier Luigi da Palestrina 31-33
50144 Firenze
T +39 055 354655


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Fratelli Reali & C. spa

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