Memar srl, dal 1984 . Consorzo Il Cappello di firenze
Il Consorzio "Il Cappello di Firenze" é stato costituito nell'ambito dell'Associazione degli Industriali della Provincia di Firenze nel 1986. Associa le principali aziende del settore, eredi dell'antica lavorazione della paglia che ha avuto nella zona di Signa la sua massima espressione a partire dalla fine del 1800 fino ai giorni nostri.
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Memar srl

Sara Meucci, the young manager of the Memar firm, seems like a fairy from a fantasy island where everything one might desire is produced…

Sara is fairy-like not only for her flashing looks, but also her ability to stimulate the imagination and passions; feelings which she transmits when she paints a picture of her family’s business, now in its fourth generation. Federico Meucci is the company’s designer; sisters Daniela and Chiara are responsible for sales and production coordination, respectively; Sara has been in charge of the company’s sample production for years.

The four siblings’ knowledge is based on their father’s experience: Daniele Meucci, a professional pioneer in hat-making boasts over 40 years of continued research in the world of exclusive, high-quality materials. The firm’s imaginative name is an acronym based on the founder’s initials: Mario Meucci, who founded the firm in Brozzi, a small suburb of Florence. In this peripheral but lively community, famous during the 19th century for woven braids expertly made by Tuscan “trecciaiole” (braiders), the Meucci family laid the foundations for its lasting success.

The necessary ingredients are all there: the manufacture of hats based on high-quality raw materials; a high level of workmanship to satisfy the demands of the market and guarantee the end-product’s exclusivity-all managed within the factory, using high-tech machines and craftsmen specialized in straw-work. Memar pursues the same ancient entrepreneurial philosophy, extending its fashion accessories division to gloves and purses made by expert artisans from Florentine Haute Leathercraft, for the fashion firm “Via Baccio”.

A company, in short, which has exported its products to international markets for over 100 years: in Europe, Russia and South America, where the happy union of ancient crafts and avant-garde design is jealously guarded under the protective shadow of a “Magic” hat.



Memar srl
via della Casella 51
50142 Firenze
T +39 055 7877261

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Memar srl

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Daniela Meucci


Sara e Federico Meucci

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Luxury Brands

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Linea Grandi Magazzini (made in Cina), Linea medio alta (made in Macedonia), Linea Luxury (made in Italy)

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